WordPress Services

This is the most basic service that we provide.

WordPress Installation
Often the hardest part of working with WordPress is the installation processes as it can be different depending on your web host and server configuration. We offer simple WordPress installation, on your host or server. Using our experience of installing hundreds of WordPress sites, We will install all the files that you need to get WordPress up and running. No matter what system you have, or who your web host is, if you can provide us with control panel access, and FTP access to just that one directory, we can make this happen for you simply and painlessly.

WordPress custom theme matching
You may have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on custom artwork developing your look and feel over the years. Clients may enjoy the website the way it is, but understand that getting a content management system in place is going to be the key to their future success. If you have a theme and plugins that you want to use with WordPress, we’ll include this as well. You’ve now got an affordable option for matching your existing website.

WordPress Content Importation
In addition to matching your look and feel, many websites may benefit from a complete conversion to the WordPress environment. The task of copying and pasting all of the old information into the new WordPress site is not difficult, but can be somewhat time-consuming. With this option, we are giving you a quick fix to pass along to your client as needed.

WordPress Search Engine Optimization
In our opinion, there is no other system that can match WordPress pound-for-pound when it comes to search engine optimization. Everything from automated XML site maps to custom description tags can be automated using the latest cutting edge plug-ins available in the open-source WordPress community.

WordPress Extras
As part of our install of WordPress we can also include the following, to make WordPress work that little bit better:

  • Create a more professional email address based around your domain name
  • Setup more ‘pretty’ permalinks to make you sites links (URL’s) look better and be more SEO friendly
  • Integrate a robot.txt file to assist search engines in indexing your site, thus improving the site SEO
  • Install our list of approved plugins that will benefit your site (see below)

Our Approved Plugins:

  • All-In-One SEO Pack – enables optimization of your WordPress website to improve the SEO of your site
  • Akismet – helps prevent any SPAM appearing on your site
  • Sitemap Generator – creates a quick and easy sitemap for your site which also helps SEO
  • Google XML Sitemap Generator – similar to above as they work together really
  • cForm – to create a simple contact form on your site so that readers can email you

Our price for installation services is very low, which as I am sure you will appreciate as money well spent, knowing that you get a working WordPress installed with all the above added extras too.

We do not sell the plug-ins, but we will download them for you, install them, and configure them to work properly, explaining every step along the way. Our SEO packages include plugin based in your own WordPress control panel going over all the details.

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