Website Redesign

Why Website Redesigning?
India Linkers is an earnest service provider that specializes in rendering quintessential website redesigning services. We redesign websites in accordance of different standards and considering search engine’s compatibility.

  • Functionality and ease of navigation
  • Reduce Download Time
  • Usefulness of Content
  • Overall Graphic Presentation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Re-work on images to optimist file sizes

Feature of our Web Redesign

  • A superb quality with professional attire for your entire site. You can also refer the designing model of other site, you like most – web can build any or all possible design styles.
  • Quick service in less time. We redesign your whole site in days not weeks.
  • Facilitate small size file designing for ultra-fast downloading.
  • Redesigned pages are optimized for the top search engines. Page titles, meta-tags, and navigation are all optimized sequentially to strike higher rankings.
  • To incorporate changes to your existing content, we provide a defined amount of FREE development time in all redesign packages.
  • Designing your site by utilizing the best web techniques such as server-side includes and cascading style sheets.

Steps to Redesign Your Web Site Project :

Step 1 : Business Requirement Specification
Here we plan the flawless strategy for the entire process of website redesigning. Details about budget, format, core points etc., are shaped in this step. We keep up high level communication with clients so that we can maintain transparency between client’s anticipation and our offerings. After locking deal we collect requirement in detail.

Step 2 : Requirement Analysis
Here we start with the project to re-empower your online presence. Firstly we look at your existing website and scrupulously analyze all the relative aspects. We clutch our cognition to the pros & cons of your current website. This process is mission to extort the essence of your existing website so that we may render the best solution for your website redesigning. The most important part of the process is to clearly understand and define the mission of the Web site. Is it primarily a Marketing Tool, an Online Inventory System, a Content Management System, a Shopping cart or all of the above?

Step 3 : Design Lay outs
Once we are all the way through with all the respective information, we start with next step i.e. Design. In this two way process, on the one hand we convey our make outs to the client and listen the points from client as well. This process is projected to get cognition about end-to-end details concerning client’s prospect.

Step 4 : Development Process
The construction of the whole of the site can proceed, now that you have approved the first section. We understand the technology that is best suited for your needs and look to the future not to the past. Our experience technocrats, develops the website using Up-to-the-minute technology that leads your business towards peak of success.

Step 5 : QA Testing
Once the development process completed, testing phase begins. We understand the need and importance of testing process. Our website redesigning services are integrally structured to abscond zero space for any flaw. We use Different testing methodologies to unravel the bugs that were committed during the previous phases. We use defect tracking tool, link checker, and  functionality tools to make sure our work is quality product.

Step 6 : Implementation/Maintenance
Result is what we have committed to you i.e. a strong online presence that leads your business towards peak of success. The website definitely undergo changes once it is delivered to the customer. There can be many reasons for this change to occur. But using Virtual User we minimize the amount of Changes. We make changes in the website according to client usability

Step 7 : Client Satisfaction
Serving nothing less than best is austerely followed tradition of India Linkers which consequently tag along our website designing services as well. We recuperate your website in such a way that it gets high visibility which turns out in form of more business opportunities and business promotion.

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